DEW Concept

In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter and sharing of pleasures. For in the DEW of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.

Refreshing Homes, Refreshing Lives

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DEW Homes Pte. Ltd. was founded to provide reliable and hassle-free residential cleaning services to homes in Singapore. We understand the importance of living in a clean environment and how the beauty of a residence brings comfort and pride to home owners. In our little ways, DEW Homes refresh your homes and refresh your lives.

Our Values

Diligence – Besides general cleaning and ironing, our staff look out for opportunities to offer fine touches that will enhance the beauty of your residence.

Excellence – Our Home Care Staff will complete a 2-week training programme before any cleaning job is assigned to them. This ensures the quality of our cleaning services.

Well-Being – We develop and maintain a culture of care in the company by first taking care of our staff so that they will do likewise for our customers and the homes under their care.

Our Promise

We strive to always deliver more than expected. We keep your residence clean and beautiful so that you and your loved ones return to a refreshing home everyday.

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